More often than not, we attribute our stress to the fact that we are busy! Let’s face it, today we are busier than ever. We are also more connected than ever thanks to technological advances, though it is these advances which have probably created more disconnection than ever…a post for another day!

The truth is that we are all busy. Between work, play, families and friends, there isn’t much downtime left in each 24 hours. How often is it that when we are asked “how are you?” that we respond with “good, tired, busy”. It’s almost become a badge of honour. One I certainly no longer wish to wear.

Don’t get me wrong, being busy isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it is a product of life and that busyness is full of things which make us happy and fill our bucket! Other times it’s out of necessity! The issue that I see through my work with busy women is that when we are presented with time out, that we feel the need to fill the space with noise….to remain busy.

Have we become addicted to being busy without even realising it?

  • Do you find yourself constantly reaching for another cup of coffee to get you through the day?
  • Or reaching for the wine or comfort food at the end of the day to help relax?
  • Do you think that sleep is overrated (trust me it’s not) and that you’ll sleep when you’re dead?
  • Or do you wake during the night and find that you are unable to get back to sleep before your mind kicks in?
  • Are you running from one appointment to the next and often late as a result? Speeding from one task to another can have dire consequences. Jamming your day full of to-do’s is not reason enough to encounter a speeding fine or be the cause of an accident. 
  • Do you find yourself frustrated with things such as the traffic or the public transport system which are totally out of control?
  • Do you find yourself saying yes even though inside you are screaming out no?
  • Do you multitask like a queen rather than taking the time to focus on one task or moment at a time?
  • Do you feel guilty when you actually sit down to relax and find yourself creating ‘work’ which needs to be done instead or at the very least thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow?

Hands up if these sound familiar? Remaining busy day after day, week after week may eventually place you in a position of overwhelm, burnout or leave you with anxiety. I know, I’ve been there. In 2016 I found myself over committing, saying yes to everyone and everything. Now that I look back, I see that I was exhausted but unable to stop the busyness. It wasn’t until I reached breaking point that I realised things needed to change. There is much to be grateful for this chapter in my life – not only was it the catalyst to a career change but I also learnt to say no, to fill my own bucket and to fall back in love with myself.

I don’t want to see busyness break us. One key component of my Health + Wellbeing coaching is about helping you to give yourself permission to slow down; to resist the urge to fill up space in your diary; to say no where you want to and most importantly to say yes to things which light you up.  If you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed by being busy and need help with letting go of things which are no longer a priority, why not book in for a complimentary 15-minute phone chat to see what boundaries we can put into place to reduce the overwhelm?