Here we are, Christmas is survived for another year and 2018 is all but over. Do you celebrate the year that was or are you looking to the next year in the hope that it is different to the year that has just passed?

I always find that by taking the time to reflect on the year passed – the good, bad, ugly and indifferent – both personally and professionally – is a great way to finish the year. It gives pause for both celebration and reflection on where I am currently at.

To begin I do a brain dump into a journal on the year including significant and not so significant events, then highlight my accomplishments; what I’m most proud of and what I would like to change. From this I usually find that there are clear areas where I need to direct my focus on in 2019 and helps me answer what is it in 2019 that I want to do and how it is that I want to feel.

This leads nicely into my journaling for 2019 – on what it is that I want to achieve in the year – personally; as a family; and professionally across both my coaching business and The Kitchen Whizz. I will always start this part of my journaling with the sentence “it is the 21st of December 2019, so much has happened this year, I have achieved so much and more….” and then I go for it!!

I’d love to hear if you reflect on the year that has past? Do you celebrate it? Take learnings from it? Or wash your hands of the year? On the flipside do you take time to set goals for the year ahead?