At risk of sounding old remember the days of sitting on the floor on the phone to a friend, spending hours catching up on the days gossip? Having to stay in the one spot as you didn’t have a portable phone and the cord wasn’t long enough? There was no opportunity to multi-task, you had to be fully present in that conversation.

Connection to me has always been important. Having spent my school days moving from town to town those first few connections you made at a new school were vital. The connections made were what made us feel safe in a new environment and gave us the confidence that everything would be alright.

I’ve learned that connection with self is just as important as it is to connect with others. Valuing my own self-worth enables deeper connection with those around me. Many of whom were not in my life 2 years ago. It has also enabled connections with people who fill my bucket and are in my corner cheering me on as I go about being the best possible version of myself.

In an era where we spend more time on our mobile phones rather than engaging face to face it takes effort to connect with others. A simple phone call to people to chat rather than relying on social media or text message. Taking the time to pick up the phone to wish someone happy birthday rather than a Facebook reminder and generic message. Smile at random people, particularly those who you are purchasing from and start up conversations. I guarantee that you will not only walk away feeling happier but you will leave a positive mark on their day.

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued – when they can give and receive without judgement.

Connecting with others is why I love collaborating to present various events. It provides the space for new connections to be made and there is something fulfilling about having a real-live conversation with someone you’ve either just met or not seen in a long time.