I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to work with Min. I initially wasn’t sure what I would gain from our experience together however Min has taught me how to become more accepting of myself and have a more calm outlook on life. Her caring, supportive and compassionate nature makes you feel instantly comfortable.

Min has worked in educating me on all aspects of food, nutrition and wellness and going back to basics with food preparation and eating real food. She was in constant contact and support when working together and  provided relevant printed material which included all the tools beneficial for taking the steps to make the necessary changes.

Min challenged me to think differently about the way I look at myself and answer some tough questions, cutting through the noise and providing professional knowledge about food and health. I have much more confidence over my health and wellness, I am stronger, leaner and much more energised.

Personally I would like to say Thank You to Min for providing me with the tools to feel like I am in control. This not as a diet but as a lifestyle change, fuelling your body with real food. I would highly recommend working with Min to anyone who wants to take charge of their life and enjoy what life has to offer.

– Ange –

I am a busy mum of two, working full time on shift. I was going to gym 5-6 days a week and not seeing the results I had hoped for also I was tired and lacked energy and sometimes felt bloated. I decided to seek help with my diet to see if it would help they way I was feeling.

Min understood the busy hectic life and preparing meals for the family in advance was necessary so I could take meals to work. I started a three month plan and started feeling the benefits after about two weeks, having more energy and feeling better. Prior to starting a plan with Min I thought my diet was pretty good, not realising that I could feel a lot better with her recommendations. Now I have adapted the things I have learnt about how food reacts with me into my everyday life.

– Peitra –

I was refered to Min by a friend. At the time I had an 8 month old baby and a 4 year old child.  I was low in energy, my food choices were poor and becoming increasing worse.  I was living on chocolate and doing nothing for myself except just surviving.

I left my first meeting with Min feeling inspired and energised.  She took me back to basics in relation to food and showing me the importance of making time for myself.  Min was wonderful and made me feel that my situation was normal and that with a few modifications over time that things could change for me.

From that moment my life has changed.  I now eat a well balanced diet, exercise daily and also make time for myself daily. My favourite things to do are mediation, exercise classes, salt baths or a big Sunday cook up of quality recipes that min has provided me over my journey.

I would recommend Min to anyway who is looking for a health + wellbeing coach.  She is exceptional at what she does. The skills she has given me are her knowledge in food, brilliant recipes, positive thinking and goal setting techniques and working on building a better me. I know now that it is my time to shine and that belief has come about through our journey together. Not only is she is a wonderful person but has also become a life long friend.

– Jess –

I encouraged myself to seek Mins help as I felt inspired by her – changing her career path. Feeling myself at a similar stage in life where everyone else comes first, what I need to do was always secondary to others in the family, job taking over home life as well. Finding happiness and calm.

I needed to learn how to be kinder to myself, be OK saying no and taking time for myself that was fore filling to me. I needed to find a positive away to look at myself honestly and give myself time to work out what it was that I needed to fill my own bucket (which was very holed).

I feel now I can look at myself more completely and create space for myself without feeling guilty. This has lead me to find happiness and clam. It has been well worth the journey.

– Kris –

Game changer. If I only had two words to describe the impact Min has had on my health, game changer would be it.
Prior to seeing Min I had been through the ups and downs of “dieting” from crash diets, paleo, weight loss shakes to blood tests which told me what types of food to eat. Whilst I found these programs worked for a few weeks I always ended up putting the weigh back on. Worst still I found I was constantly seeing food as good or bad which resulted in stress and guilt.
From my very first session with Min I found she was able to delve deeper into my needs, goals and also help me change my mindset to food. She helped me reframe food a way to fuel a healthy lifestyle and no longer is it as good, bad or a response to boredom or stress.  Also because it wasn’t a diet or 12 week program I was able to view this as a sustainable change in my lifestyle.
Min made sure the changes I made were practical and achievable. When I did slip up she was there to discuss it without judgement and support me to work through it.
I’ve found I’ve lost the cm’s off my waist. But gained so much more, like a clearer mind, no longer feeling hungry or guilty. I sleep better, have more sustained energy throughout the day and can workout harder.
If you’re on the fence and unsure I’d say give Min a go as it’s unlike anything I’ve done before. She’s knowledge, warm and supporting.
– Raj –