Recently whilst redeveloping my website, I created time to write. It has been wonderful! I have always enjoyed the process of writing. I even won a prize in a Herald Sun competition when I was in year 8. The opening line to my winning entry was the line from the song Baby Got Back and goes something like “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” It’s always been my biggest asset and even back then I was clearly taking the shizzle out of myself, though it did win me a $25 cheque!!

I digress. Writing is cathartic and as I’ve been creating content for my site and sharing my journey I’ve realised that in order to achieve the most personal growth and breakthroughs that one must be willing to be vulnerable. To let go of the fear and preconceived ideas and thoughts and be truly present. To ignore the voice in my head questioning what the hell was I thinking having a career change! It is in these moments that one can let go of our story which may be holding us back from achieving all that we can. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it often isn’t without fear and hesitation, but allowing yourself to be truly vulnerable and to do what is needed to remove the blocks in your life can be truly life changing.

I was thinking about this more in a recent yoga class which prompted me to come home and revisit Brene Brown’s Ted talk on The Power of Vulnerability. I watched it a number of years ago when I was at the start of my own health + wellbeing journey and it still provided a number of a-ha moments. It reminded me that this journey can be a slow process but it is ever evolving and changing. I have the power to drive this journey where I want it to go. By being open to the journey, remaining authentic and staying in my own lane that the greatest collaborations and opportunities have come my way.

I am so honoured to help people on their health + wellbeing journey, coaching and supporting as they experience their own a-ha moments. As Brene says “don’t be afraid to change your story, to let go of the past and to step into your power. You, and only you can rewrite your story.”