Having spent 15 years in the corporate sector and now into my second year of running my own business I know that all too often we focus on what hasn’t worked and what still needs to happen rather than taking time out to celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small. I think this applies not just in our work but also in our personal life. When was the last time that you sat, reflected and celebrated success? New Years Eve does not count!

This year I have decided to do things a little differently and have broken the year into four quarters and have set both personal and business goals for each quarter. Included in these goals is how I will celebrate the end of each quarter. This means that it is more than likely to happen!

As my year starts in February – cos January is all about Summer holidays – this week marks the end of the first quarter! Yesterday I sat in the beautiful Autumn sunshine and spent time looking over my Q1 goals, journaling my reflections of the past three months – both personally and professionally, the successful and the not-so successful.

It is through taking the time to reflect that I am able to check in with myself, to recognise what is working well, what isn’t and allow myself to evolve. It provides an opportunity to shift what is no longer serving me, do more of what lights me up and make pivots in the road as required. Taking the time to celebrate the successes also provides the motivation to continue working hard, inspiring and empowering others on their own health + wellbeing journey and feeds in the next quarter goals that I have set.

It has been a quarter that has exceeded all expectations and most importantly made me realise that I it is a-ok to be a multi-passionate business woman. It made me enjoy my two hour spa treatment all the more. I encourage you to set aside some time this week to celebrate your own successes, no matter what they look like for you, small or big. Focus on the accomplishments and be proud of all that you are achieving.